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Top tips for making a festive wreath to complement your front door

Are you looking for some top tips for making a festive wreath? If you are then you have come to the right place. Here is all you need to know


Top tips for making a festive wreath

A festive wreath for your front door can be as individual as you are. You get to decide exactly what it’s shape/colour and theme are and that, of course, is the beauty of crafting and creating things yourself.


What you will need to make your festive wrath

The basic materials you will need your wreath crafts are:

A wire ring or a fresh plain spruce wreath or a rattan ring even a willow ring or even polystyrene rings

Florist’s wire /Twine

Fresh or faux foliage

Natural  decorations (such as pine cones, dried orange slices, berries) and

Other decorations (baubles, pompoms, glittery stars)



Top tips for making a festive wreath, tips for making a festive wreath

How to assemble


Getting prepared

Before I craft anything I like to sketch out how it will look and where I want to put things just to keep me on track. Other people are more ad hoc and slapdash. I always say when it comes to creativity – you do you.

Making a wreath means gathering together all these materials, clearing yourself a big workplace and getting ready to get crafting!

Make sure you have at least a vague plan (if not a sketch) in mind and then just make a start!

I like to Christmas Craft with a mince pie and mulled wine and some Christmas songs playing but this is all purely optional!


Getting started

First, secure any flowers securing flower or foliage stems to the ring base using your florist’s wire. Try and avoid gaps. Make sure everything is really secure and the wreath looks full


Next steps

Now add your chosen decorations using the twine and tie everything tight onto your wreath. You can also add some battery powered lights at this point too.



Cover your wreath again in twine and ribbon and double check that everything is secure and ready to hang. Then display your festive wreath with pride.



The perfect door for your festive wreath

My perfect door would look like it was made from real wood, it would be duck egg blue. My perfect door would keep in the heat, keep out burglars. It would have the handle and letterbox of my choice in shiny brass. I am loving the look of the solidor doors from Quickslide and they even do my colour choice!


tips for making a festive wreath


I hope you have enjoyed my top tips for making a festive wreath and that you do have a go. Let me know in the comments below how you get on if you try this!


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