What Help is there for Those Driving with a Disability?

Today – What Help is there for Those Driving with a Disability?

Driving a car can be expensive. From forking out for insurance and vehicle checks to paying for petrol plus the cost of the car itself, the numbers quickly run into the thousands before you’ve even left your driveway.

If you’re a disabled driver, there are cost-effective mobility solutions and other types of help available. Here is a look at some of the ways to make driving both physically and financially accessible.


What Help is there for Those Driving with a Disability?

What Help is there for Those Driving with a Disability?


The Motability scheme is one of the most significant means for disabled drivers to gain access to cars and other vehicles. It works by enabling drivers to exchange their Motability allowance for the lease of a new car or scooter.

It’s an all-include service, so there is an array of important features included, such as insurance, breakdown cover and servicing. This one-stop-shop service makes it a go-to option for many drivers seeking accessible cars.


Adaptable Vehicles

One of the most important innovations in recent years for disabled motorists is adaptable vehicles. Thanks to innovative tech and constantly updated features, companies like Allied Fleet can supply transport solutions for drivers with an array of abilities.

From wheelchair-accessible cars suitable for city driving to fully adapted vans for longer trips, there is a range of options designed to suit drivers wanting to get around with ease. Financing these can be as straightforward as buying through Motability, however it’s worth chatting to the team to find that best deals.



The Blue Badge scheme is designed to give you easier access to your destination. It’s for on-street parking only and provides concessions on parking costs, allowing drivers with the badge to park without charge or time limit in certain locations. These include on-street disabled bays and pay and display parking areas.

While the concessions under the scheme don’t apply to private car parks, it can help you to get closer to the place you are trying to get to without having to work out how to get there and also while potentially saving on parking costs.


Vehicle Tax Exemption

You can claim exemption on vehicle tax as a disabled driver. This is usually done when you apply for vehicle tax and the government has a checklist to help you work out if you are eligible for exemption and also how to apply.

These are just some of the ways driving can be made easier for disabled drivers. Have you come across any other mobility solutions that help to make driving more accessible? If you are a newly qualified disabled driver, will you opt for a Blue Badge or sign up for the Motability scheme?


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