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What to start growing in your greenhouse this month

What to start growing in your greenhouse this month

What to start growing in your greenhouse this month

What to start growing in your greenhouse this month? Hmm… well, for those of you who love to grow your own March/April is the time to get started. It’s still too early to plant things outside because there is still a definite chill in the air but the greenhouse is perfect to get things going.

How I love early Spring.  We have just mown our lawn for the first time and the grass is looking lush. We have bright yellow daffs and blush red tulips everywhere. I have sat out with my coffee once or twice and my thoughts are turning more and more to getting outside,

Days are getting longer and evening are lighter and there is a new warmth in the air. The world is waking up from its long, cosy, winter slumber.


The joys of a greenhouse

My thoughts always turn to greenhouses in Spring.

I spent hours and hours in my grandparent’s greenhouse, tending to the tomatoes, reading a book in the lovely warmth, urging on seedings. It was absolutely one of my most favourite places. Time well spent with them – a gentle and happy place.

We have grown our own veg ever since our children were small and it is such a delight to share this process with them and encourage them in nurturing on the seeds and eventually seeing the fruit of their labours. Such a lovely time to spend together too.

GBC Group’s range of greenhouses includes this lovely Octagontnal greenhouse pictured below. A  greenhouse can bring so much joy to a home in terms of what you can produce within it but it can also look rather gorgeous too! No matter what your size or shape there are a myriad greenhouse styles to choose from and I think they are a garden design essential!





What to plant now

So what do we need to start growing in our greenhouse this month? Here is a little guide to set you on your way to an abundant crop of homegrown veggies this summer.


These three plants are quite tender and best started in a heated greenhouse:


It is time to get those tomato seeds in. Seeds can be planted on windowsills indoors or in a warm greenhouse. You just need light and warmth to get those tomatoes growing and nothing EVER taste as good as own grown Toms! and oh the smell.


It is also a good idea to start bringing on peppers too. Just think of all the bright colours ahead.


March is a good time to get cucumber seeds planted and underways. You simply start them off in your greenhouse ready to plant out when it is warmer and they are more established.

The RHS also suggest the following hardy plants are ready for sowing now in an unheated greenhouse

  • brussels
  • cabbage
  • celeriac
  • leeks
  • lettuce
  • onions
  • peas ( my absolute favourite vegetable!)

Starting now will mean they are all ready for planting out when the warmer weather arrives


Mid Spring

Mid-spring you will be able to plant fast-growing tender plants in your greenhouse

  • sweetcorn
  • melons
  • pumpkins
  • courgettes
  • french beans

Doesn’t it all sound so exciting!


Greenhouses can be such a lovely addition to a family home, a place to nurture and bond and really relax. A place to build memories and grow your own nourishing food.

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