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3 secrets to a gorgeous home on a budget



gorgeous home on a budget


A gorgeous home on a budget

Do you aspire to have a gorgeous home on a budget?

I know a lot of people who spend a lot of money on their home and yet it just looks ordinary, a bit magazine-y but nothing to make you go ‘wow.’ I know other people who don’t spend too much but just have the most beautiful of homes the type that make you give a deep sigh when you enter. So what is it …what are the secrets to creating a home that is simply gorgeous?

Well, I have a couple of those secrets to share with you today!


Plan plan plan

So often we buy this, inherit that, get gifted this and in it all goes into our home and somehow we think that this mish-mash will work. Nope. We need to plan our home and design it as we WANT it to look with clear vision. Mood boards. pinterest boards even just jotting down ideas can bring together a cohesive scheme that we are delighted – just a little bit of time an effort planning can make ALL the difference. Having someone help create you a plan for your interiors or a garden design for your outdoorspace can really give you focus. It is all in the planning.

Clutter free

Every gorgeous home has in it only that which looks lovely and is useful. And only the lovely is on display.  The rest of the ‘stuff’ (the useful stuff) is either neatly filed away, closed off in a cupboard or chucked up the loft. You won’t see piles of bills, the dustpan and brush and a left out hairbrush in a gorgeous home. Decluttering speedily each morning and night will keep your home looking amazing and you will notice your home looking it’s best possible self in the process.


gorgeous home on a budget


Shop smart

Knowing some great places to shop makes having a thrifty but fabulous home much easier.

I have found a brand new online marketplace just perfect for interior lovers.

Have you heard of Sello

The Sello marketplace is going to be launching really soon and it is a great way to discover fresh products, connect with new merchants and find the hottest discount codes. Do get your self-signed up to receive an alert when they launch.  With Sello hundreds of online coupons and save on brand-new products from the hottest independent retailers. With thousands of great deals to choose from, you’ll get a great deal on a budget. Shopping with independent retailers really will make your home look more bespoke/unusual and mark it out from the crowd. And, getting a great discount? Well, that makes it perfect!

I hope you have found this post on secrets to a gorgeous home on a budget to be useful.


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