4 simple and highly effective steps to achieving a goal

4 simple and highly effective steps to achieving a goal

How are you at getting things done?

When we have a big goal (like a home makeover, new career ideas, etc)  we can feel overwhelmed and procrastination can quickly set in.

What you need is to be prepared with a great plan!

Here are 4 steps to that can really help.


I have a lovely new pink clipboard form Red Candy that I intend to use to give myself daily words of motivation until my makeover is complete! Do you like it? I love a good clipboard me and this one is super cute  TBH I could do with a clipboard for every room with little notes to myself to remind me what needs doing and to motivate me.

effective steps to achieving a goal


I often turn to Pinterest for my inspiration..as well as magazine and other blogs. Over at my other blog  A Beautiful Space, I share many lovely interiors and these always encourage me to do more with mine.



For me planning usually starts with a good old Pinterest board – gathering together ideas and inspiration which then convert into a big long to do list in a lovely notebook. How do you get planning – do you need to write it down like me?



Is actioning even a word? I feel it must/should be. In order to take action I literally put my to-do list into my diary so I basically make a commitment to myself to make things happen,

and then,….well then,  I simply do it.


To sum it up

Failing to plan really is planning to fail…… and if you simply follow this plan step by step ensuring you have:




and if these are in place you really be able to make sure that home makeover (or whatever it is you want to achieve) does get done.



Don’t forget you can also find me blogging at A beautiful space and Eat Simply

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