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Creating The Perfect Garden Ambience In Time For Summer Fun

Creating The Perfect Garden Ambience

While it may only be the beginning of March, it’s never too early to begin thinking and planning out garden upgrades ready for the summer so that you can get everything planned and paid for in more than enough time. Plus, sitting down and planning out what work you’d like to do gives us something to do on these cold, wet, and rainy days right?

Our gardens are a place of relaxation and fun at the same time. If you have children, you will need to include an element of entertainment for them so that they aren’t bored and bugging you to leave your deckchair in the summer heat. There are so many elements to think about, so here is how to create the perfect garden ambience in time for summer fun.

Creating The Perfect Garden Ambience


Let’s start off with the kid’s corner. Creating a space for your children to relax and play is a great way of knowing that during the long and wonderful summer months, that they are going to be entertained and most of all, safe in your own garden. The first thing that you should look for is any holes or ways of entry into your garden that weren’t there before. It’s likely that small animals or weather could have damaged old fences. If you find any damages, be sure to fix those first so that you know your children are safe in your garden if you have to nip inside for any reason.


Secondly, they will need something to do while they are in the garden. Not everyone fancies the idea of having a miniature playground in their backyard, but there are other ways to entertain the children! Consider installing a sandpit, or even an outdoor soft play area which will be less damaging if they fall over. Fencing the area off and making it personal to your children will make it more exciting for them, and also allow you to make the rest of your garden adult themed and classy like you’d imagined.


One fantastic an economic idea for your garden that even your children can get involved in is growing a vegetable patch. You can pick up many different kinds of seeds and plants from local garden centers, and they all come with instructions on how to best grow your new vegetables. You can even pick up fruit plants and trees which you could plant in your garden too. This would be great for picking in the summer, while also teaching your children valuable life lessons about how things grow and how to take care of them. Why not let them pick their favourite fruit or vegetable to grow all by themselves so that they become interested, all while giving them a little something extra to do while they are playing in the garden.


Next you should think about creating something that immediately catches the eye as you walk into your garden. It’s likely that you’re planning on entertaining in your garden at some point over the summer, so having a main feature would be great for setting a theme for the whole garden. Consider buying a medium to large sized water feature that you could have as your centerpiece in your garden. If you’re unable to transport it, Shiply offers services for ‘man with a van’. Check this link out for more information and quotes https://www.shiply.com/man-with-a-van/. One great thing about water features is that they attract wildlife like birds to come and bathe in the water, which is another great addition to your garden.


Once you have your centerpiece sorted, you can then begin to think about complimenting features to carry on the theme of your garden. Planting colourful flowers and shrubbery around your garden will release sensational smells and attract wildlife to come and enjoy your garden too. Things like garden furniture and BBQ sets will bring an immediate sense of homeliness and make your garden feel welcoming. You should begin looking at some furniture sets and decide what kind of set you’re going for. You could go for a rustic look, or maybe even a modern look. Either way, planning it now will allow you to save and have it there in time for your first day out in your garden.


If you’re DIY enabled, why not consider building your own outdoor stove to be used for your BBQ events? All it takes is some bricks, cement, and a little imagination and you will soon have built a lovely BBQ for you and your family to enjoy over the summer months. If you’re not quite sure on how to build your own BBQ, check out Pinterest for thousands of fabulous ideas and instructional videos!


It’s likely that when the kids are in bed that you will venture back out into the garden to continue enjoying the warm weather and scenery. Consider buying some ambient lighting for your garden so that when the sun sets, you can still enjoy your garden to it’s full potential. Adding lighting will also set the perfect mood for an adult only evening with some close friends or family!


Another thing that would totally set the mood for a lovely summer’s evening in the garden is by buying or making a log burner. These come in many different sizes and styles, and can really add some heat to the garden when the warmth from the sun disappears. They also create an incredible ambience in your garden. Imagine sitting on a swing seat watching flames flicker late into the night. Sounds heavenly right?!


There are so many different ideas that you could incorporate into your garden that it’s almost impossible to list them all in one single article. Hopefully the ideas listed have given you some inspiration on what you can achieve in your garden, no matter the size of it. Start planning now so that come summertime you will have the perfect haven to relax in for you and your family!

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