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Designing a Personal yet Shared Children’s Bedroom


When the decision is made to have two youngsters sharing a bedroom, there are a handful of important things to consider ensuring it’s done properly. Not only does the décor and style need to be suitable for both children, but you also want to make sure they feel at home and comfortable, with their own personality shining through. Here are a selection of décor tips to help you create the perfect shared bedroom for your little ones, keeping it stylish yet personal.

Bold Beds

Designing a shared bedroom to fit double the amount of furniture can be a challenge, but the only item you really need to include twice is the bed. The great thing about younger children is that their things take up much less space than adults, apart from the toys. This means you can utilise the space available and introduce some bold beds. The best type of beds to introduce to a shared bedroom are often bunk beds. Apart from the initial decision of who sleeps on the top bunk and who has the bottom, bunk beds are perfect for utilising space and making the room fun. You are also giving your child their own privacy with a bunk bed, as it’s like their own little pod to snuggle into and go to sleep. You may however, find that two stylish oak beds sat side by side may work better for your children, especially if they’re younger. This will enable them to play together, sleep with company and know that they’re safe and risk-free from rolling out of the bed.


Designing a Personal yet Shared Children’s Bedroom


Colour Zones

The easiest way to decorate a shared bedroom, especially if you have a girl-boy mix, is to create zones with colours. Coloured zones can help to differentiate the separate areas that the children have for themselves, with a shared area in the middle. Whist it isn’t a nice idea to segregate the children and have them feel like they have to stay on certain sides of the room, the different zones will simply help to introduce a touch of each child’s style and personality. You could even look at splitting the room into zones for activities, such as the sleeping area, homework area and so on. You can really have some fun with this style of decorating and ensure your children really like their shared room.

Separate Storage

It’s important to remember when designing your child’s bedroom, that they are sharing a space, but not necessarily their things. Providing your children with their own storage space is going to make them much happier, as they can keep their own things to themselves and have their own area to look after. Whether it’s separate draws or two wardrobes, it will really help to keep things running smoothly and give them their own sense of independence. When it comes to items such as books, toys and technology, you can keep these items in an open area, but providing a separate space for clothes and personal items too.

Personal Touches

Try to keep your child’s interests at the heart of their bedrooms design, such as artwork of their favourite superhero’s or princesses and so on. By adding personal touches to the room, you can create a space that feels warm and welcoming, and somewhere your children will really enjoy spending time.



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