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Dressing our lounge windows

I have recently replaced the covers on our sofas, as despite having a good go at washing them they still looked grubby. It looks so much better and with a lick of fresh paint too the rooms looking really so much better. I have had a big clear up of spare toys and the overstuffed book and dvd shelves and it is back to looking like a loved room rather than an extension if the kids playroom. Now I have to turn my attention to our windows.

I was looking for new window blinds to brighten the room and despite running a thrifty home I want something classic and long lasting .I am looking for quality. It is worth buying quality with blinds or I find they don’t last too long if they are well used.

Blinds in our lounge will get a lot of wear. they will have kids little hands on them, they will be opened and closed every day lots of times, and they will get knocked a fair few times too I am sure.

I was impressed by the range of wooden venetian blinds from Thomas Sanderson . These can be remote controlled too which I like as it keeps hands off them and less change of them being marked. These also  have a unique slatted design so you can still have privacy but still enjoy the view outside. I like to know who is at the front door but not have them know I am in …so these are exactly what I need.

Net curtains might be light and airy and the thrifty option but they aren’t fresh and modern and they get so grubby. They also don’t let you see out or let enough light in. Regular curtains just wouldn’t do the job . Our lounge faces straight out onto the street so if they were open the world could see in. Blinds are definitely the right choice for us. White and wooden would just look wonderful.

Spring always spurs me on to making changes in our home. Time for a spring clean too!

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