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Getting the Best Price for Your Home – How to Improve the Value of Your Property

How to get the best price for your house

If you’re looking to get the best price for your home, there are several tricks you can use to increase its value. Regardless of your budget, there’s always at least one improvement you can make. From simple cosmetic upgrades to all-out renovations, here we’ll look at some of the best ways to boost the value of your property.

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Maximising space

One thing buyers look for when choosing a property is the amount of space available. Every buyer wants to get as much for their money as they can. Therefore, a great upgrade that could significantly boost your property’s value is a loft conversion.

Clearing out the loft and turning it into a functioning living space could boost the home’s value by an impressive 12.5%. Most of the work which needs to be done is typically carried out from the outside of the property. This means there will be very little disruption to your daily routine if you go ahead with the conversion.

Take care of any structural issues

A lot of the time, homeowners are so anxious to sell, they don’t bother taking care of any existing structural issues. These include structural cracks, a leaky roof, rising damp and missing roof tiles – all things that could potentially knock a large amount of profit off the asking price.

It’s recommended you consult a structural engineer, surveyor or builder to assess whether any structural repairs need to be carried out. This is one of the costliest ways to increase your property’s value, but it’s also one of the most effective. Structural repairs can knock thousands off the asking price so it’s definitely worth taking care of them before you list your home on the market.

Ensure you choose a good, reliable estate agent

Something you likely won’t have considered when you’re looking at getting the best price for your property is the estate agent you will choose to sell through. This can actually make a massive difference as estate agent fees can be extremely high.

Many sellers are choosing to save money by switching to an online estate agent. Online agencies such as Hatched, charge almost half of what a high street estate agent does, potentially saving you thousands of pounds.

Overall these are just a very small collection of ways to ensure you get the best price for your property. The internet has made it easier to sell, but unless you ensure your property is renovated to the highest standard, you’re missing out on potentially a lot of extra value.




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