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How to Save on Energy Costs This Heating Season

How to Save on Energy Costs This Heating Season

How to Save on Energy Costs

You might be motivated to reduce energy usage in order to lessen the impact on the planet. But if you are like most homeowners, a decreased electrical bill is motivation enough. Utility costs are among the highest expenses in any home, right after groceries and rent.

Keeping our comfort by cooling and heating our home is among the most expensive items on the bill. This is especially true for areas where the temperature tends to shift from one extreme to another. However, there are some adjustments you can make to make sure you spend less energy and less money for your comfort.

In this article, we’ll list the most effective tips on how to decrease your home’s energy consumption but not sacrifice your comfort in the process during this heating season.

Use the Sun as Much as You Can

If you live in those areas where the sun is still shining brightly during the fall, you should make sure you use most of it. Heating in San Diego and other regions in California is much easier because homeowners there can use the sun as a natural heat source more. This is true throughout the year as well. Use the sun to naturally heat up your home as much as you can. Open the blinders or curtains on the windows facing south to let as much sunshine in as possible and close them when the sun settles to keep the heat in.

Keeping Your Furnace in Good Shape

Furnace maintenance is essential for both your comfort and a lower heating bill. Not only will a dirty air filter reduce the air quality in your home, it can also significantly increase your heating bill as the furnace works harder to compensate for the poor airflow. The right way to ensure your furnace is in good shape is to clean the air filter at least once a month and hire a professional service to perform routine maintenance before the heating season begins.

Use Other Heating Items

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to stay warm and save a lot of money on your heating bill is to use accessories to keep warm. Instead of cranking up the thermometer, put on a pair of warm socks and a cozy wool sweater. Cuddle up in a warm blanket and use rugs to cover the floors. You would be surprised how much energy these simple steps could save you.

Use the Ceiling Fans and Ventilation System

You can save a lot of energy in homes that have proper ventilation both during the winter and in the summer. You probably didn’t know that the ceiling fan could help you conserve energy during the winter by trapping the heat inside the room, just as it prevents the cool air from escaping in the summer. Let the fan run on a low setting so it can push the hot air back towards the ground.

Setting the Thermostat at Night

You can save as much as 10 percent on your energy bills if you just turn the thermostat down by 10 to 15 degrees during the night, as reported by the U.S. Department of Energy. Instead, you can look back at the third item on this list and invest in warmer sheets and comforters.

Properly Insulate Your Home

The biggest waste in terms of heating your home comes from poor insulation. You can save hundreds of dollars if you prevent the hot air from escaping through cracks in your doors and windows. To prevent this waste, invest in insulation and cover any leaks in your home. Start from the doors and windows, as insulating them is both easy and affordable.

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  1. November 22, 2017 / 2:28 am

    Great tips.
    Another wee tip, is if you have to use appliances, look for energy star rated appliances. They will help a little in terms of costs savings also.
    But as you mentioned, without good insulation, you will leak savings!

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