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Planning to retire.

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Have you spent any time thinking about how important it is to compare superannuation

I bet you haven’t.

I bet it’s not top of you fun things to do this week list is it?

However planning what to do with a lovely long retirement is a fun thing to do and getting the right superannuiation package for you will ensure you have the right kind of retirement.

I would definitely like to be comfortably off. But who wouldn’t?All these media  images we see  of pensioners struggling to keep warm and pay their bills, lonely and bored and isolated actually quite scare me. Scare me enough to make me want to ensure I have enough money put away to see me right.

There are things we can do to prevent the scenario I have described.

I am currently working hard to be as fit and healthy as I can be to try and keep my health good in old age. I invest in my friendships and I have a community around me that is filled with love and that I hope will last long into my old age.

I am sorting out my retirement fund too  so I have enough money to ensure I can live as well as possible.  In short I am investing in my future.

I don’t have  much family and I really couldn’t rely on anyone else financially helping me. I am going to have to sort myself out.

So what would be on your list to do in your retirement?

I have lots of ideas…..

I would like to join an amateur dramatics group and put on shows. Perhaps musicals or comedies. How fun w=would that be?

I would like to write a best selling fiction novel set in exotic hotels that I have to stay in for ‘research’.  I would of course have to try out all the amazing facilities so I could write about them.

I would like to  travel to visit places I saw in my youth to see how they have changed and rekindle old memories of past times and happy days. I would go back to Israel and Minnesota  to Essex and to Spain and spent time wandering about remembering.

I would like lots of lovely time with friends going to shows and eating out and I would like to afford a house that is right for me in my old age.

I would also like to be able to afford private health care if I needed it.

So many plans that need investing in. I need to ensure my retirement fund is the right one for me and that I give it the full attention it deserves.



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