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How to Make a Loft Space Feel Homely

Today -How to Make a Loft Space Feel Homely


Living in a loft or even converting one comes with a lot of expectations and challenges. Because you have a smaller area to work with than you normally would, it can be hard finding ideas on how to decorate or even divide up the space. How you use the space, divide it up and arrange the furniture will all help in making the space a lot roomier and homely.

Putting a Plan Together

Before you get started on your decor, you want to be sure that you have the space to do what you want. If you’re looking to convert your existing loft space and turn it into a homely room, start the process off by consulting with companies that have a lot of experience project managing conversions. Such companies will understand how you want the space opened up and the functionality that needs to be created. To start you off on the right track, you can find local experts like CK Architectural in Manchester who come highly recommended due to their decades of experience doing loft conversions and providing other services in and around Manchester. As they also have a team of designers, they will also be on hand to help you plan the visuals. Some of the design elements you may want to consider in advance are as follows.


Because you might have very little space to work with, it is important to keep the colour simple so that nothing clashes. White on the walls and ceilings always works well with wooden floors. If you have exposed brick walls, wood-slatted ceilings or beams, you can choose other colours that complement the space.

Your furniture’s colour should also complement the space and make it look cosy but not cramped. A simple base colour like white combined with an accent colour like orange or teal will work wonders.

How to Make a Loft Space Feel Homely

To Carpet or Not to Carpet?

If you have wooden flooring, try as much as you can to avoid carpets. Carpets can make a space look smaller while letting a wooden floor show gives the loft some character and elongates it. That said, carpets can still be used sparingly to complement the furniture or the art you have.

Light Up the Space

Light is very important in smaller spaces because natural light can make them look larger than they are. Because you might not be able to add a window to the loft, especially if the space was crafted after a loft conversion, you should consider other options like skylights. These should be added during the conversions which means you should tell your architect to plan for them during the planning phase. If there is enough space to add windows, then that is another great option for you.

Natural light is not the only option though, because light fixtures can also help create certain atmospheres. Low-hanging lights can create an intimate atmosphere while coloured lights can provide accents and characters to different sections of the loft.


How to Make a Loft Space Feel Homely

Design an Art Gallery

If you have blank walls in the loft, they could become canvases for art. Framed pieces that work together look best, as do pieces of abstract art. If you do not have too many pieces, try hanging one or two on each wall. Don’t worry if you do not have a large collection; you can grow it over time and add it to the walls.

Making a loft space feel homely and cosy is all about personal preference. Remember that this is your personal space and you can let your creative freedom flow and show so that you end up with the best space possible


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