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Savvy Tips For Keeping A Tidy Home With Children

Today – Tips For Keeping A Tidy Home With Children

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Savvy Tips For Keeping A Tidy Home With Children

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If you have children, then keeping a tidy, organised home might seem a daily challenge. Do you long to know how to stop being busy all the time With every new day comes a new toy, activity or stimulus, and before you know it you’re back to square one, and the place has been turned upside down in a matter of minutes! For those parents struggling to keep their children occupied while having a clean and tidy home, look no further. Below are some handy suggestions to make the tidy up process just a little less daunting.

Set some rules

A handy tip to bear in mind when you’re at home with your children is to instigate a few rules for the children to follow whenever they play at home. These could include the rule of cleaning as you go, as well as having a rule that allows for ‘one toy at a time.’ If you teach your children early on to put toys away before they begin playing with the next one, they will become used to doing this whenever they play, meaning Operation Clear Up will be a lot easier. The rules can also apply to parents too; try and resist purchasing too many toys and gadgets, as often, children will be very content with playing with whatever they find. A range of choice may suddenly end with a much bigger mess than needed, as children may be distracted by different toys and want to play with them all. It doesn’t mean you should be restrictive with how your children play, but you could simply try to avoid having too many knick-knacks around the house, as these will soon accumulate as your children grow older and need toys suited to their age. It’s all about balance!


Think practically

Keeping a tidy home has a lot to do with thinking practically. This may mean organising a cleaning rota or having a set area in your home where your children can play, which can help reduce the levels of mess that is created. It particularly applies to any spillages or messes that are harder to clean up. According to Selco’s research around damaged flooring to homes over 2/3 of parents’ flooring is damaged or stained by children.  This makes it no surprise that children playing with products such as paints or glue can cause a sticky mess, so limit these activities to a practical area in your house. The last thing you want is to end up with a number of spills or stains on your living room carpet. Thinking practically with flooring can take away one less worry. One solution is to replace your carpet with luxury vinyl flooring, which can help you keep your cool should any spillages occur.

Savvy storage  for a tidy home with children

Storage solutions can make the world of difference in a home, especially when it comes to organising your children’s toys, books, and games and if you are looking for Tips For Keeping A Tidy Home With Children

Here is a great guide on how to choose a baby toy Quirky additions and creative ideas can help to organise the myriad of items your child may have. Some of these include clever usage of shelves, racks, standing baskets and boxes. Storage can be fun and colourful as well as practical, and through organised labelling and placement, can make a real difference in terms of the space in your home and how you utilise it.

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  1. Antispygadget
    July 10, 2018 / 6:13 am

    I prefer little child playing with toys than playing with smartphone.

  2. August 10, 2018 / 3:22 am

    It really is hard to maintain a home clean with a child in there. I experienced it when my auntie together with my barely a year old cousin stayed in our house for a little while. It really was a chaos HAHAHAHA. That’s why I find these tips really helpful! 🙂

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